Yea, We're Adventurous and Stuff

About a week ago two of the three Cheaping Girls went Skydiving. (Mom is totally afraid of heights, so she wouldn't do it.)

And we gotta say, it was FUN.

Our reasoning behind going? Turns out our 88 year old grandpa has always wanted to go skydiving. And, when else are you going to go skydiving with your grandpa?

While they suited us up there was all kinds of morbid banter between our jump-mates. Like 'hey - isn't it your 13th jump man? Good Luck!' you know, stuff like that. But it was all in good fun. We paid for the DVD of our jump, which was $80, so in addition to our tandem jump-mate we had our own personal photographer/videographer. This meant 9 people in our party, which meant we ended up with our own plane for our group, which was kind of cool. If you ever go, you must must must get the video.

The plane ride up took about 20 minutes, and the view was lovely. Jumping was unlike anything we have ever experienced and we highly recommend everyone try it at least once in their life.


Kate said...

So cool!!!!! I've always wanted to go but am also afraid of heights. So cool that your grandpa got to go! I love it!

Kristi said...

Wow! Props to you both...and Grandpa!! I think I will just experience it vicariously through you and wait at the bottom with your mom. Way to go!

Kim said...

I have a question for the Cheaping Girls:
I am going on my 1st cruise in about a month. I am trying to prepare for what I need to pack and I want to be dressed amazingly! Lots of fun swimsuits, dresses, jewelry, etc. Can you please help me? I knew this was the place to ask ;)

Marni and Brian said...

Janaan, the girl that was scared by a tiny bug while we were on a delightful picnic went skydiving? I am actually not suprised. You are awesome. And now that I know how to blog I can actually leave comments when I check out your site too. Hope to see you soon.

Kate said...

Oh my gosh you guys! This is nuts! Can we watch your video at our next book club?

NatRat said...

Awesome! I would love to do this!