A Salad Dressing With Less

I like to get the best for less. I would also like to weigh less. It's a lifetime pursuit. Now I don't have a big problem (thank you fate!). But, like everyone, I would like to be just a few pounds lighter.

I have tried so many strange diets though the years. The Rice Diet; The Cereal Diet; The American Heart Association; Weight Watchers; Diets for Dummies; Atkins; any diet featured on Oprah; etc. You get the idea. I will pretty much try anything anyone talks about for a while. There's the clincher, "for a while." That's right I - like most of America, don't stick with my diet.
At the present moment I am watching what I eat. Watching it be delivered to my table and then shoveling it down my throat. Just kidding...kinda.

If you’re following a weight loss plan, salad has most likely become an essential staple in your diet. We all know that salad is loaded with nutrients and makes a great meal or snack - but you have to be sure you don’t jeopardize the health value by smothering it with calorie-laden salad dressings. I lost 20lbs. on Weight Watchers last year and I discovered this salad dressing while I was strictly counting points. It is great tasting and get a load of this - it's made of nothing - no calories, fat, nothing. Obviously there has to be something, but it makes me feel so good to have it taste so great and not sabotage my salad. Available at local supermarkets or online at waldenfarms.com

I have not tried all the flavors. But I can give my recommendation for the Balsamic and Caesar.


NatRat said...

I spotted this dressing a couple weeks ago at Walmart. I was so suprised, and more suprised that it tastes pretty good. I tried the Honey Dijon. Fabulous find!

Lindsay said...

I am going to get the salad dressing today!!! It can be so hard to find a good low-fat dressing. Nice tip!