READER TIP!! Limited Edition NARS Orgasm Products at Sephora!

This just in!! From The Girl With The Perfectly Curly Hair (who, BTW, is very good at make-up application):

"Just thought I would pass along some love to the Cheaping Girls. Based on your recommendation, I went down to Sephora in search of Nars Orgasm blush. After looking through everything, I am now the proud owner of multiple products in the Orgasm shade.

Instead of the powder blush, I actually purchased their multiple stick - it's like a cream stick that you can put on your eyes, cheeks or lips (although I think it works best on just the eyes and cheeks).
I also got their lip gloss in orgasm, which is being sold for a limited time with orgasm the nail polish.
I can actually do an entire face look just with this one shade. It's a perfect everyday look. That's how awesome and universal this color is! The Sephora 'beauty experts' also told me that they have heard rumors that Nars is going to make a second universal shade, like an 'Orgasm 2'. We'll see..."

Thanks for sharing the love!!


Miss T said...

I'm so addicted to your tips & blog! I wasn't planning on going to sephora tomorrow but will have to make a special trip to get some yummy gloss.

Kate said...

I ordered it from Sephora and received it today. LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for the info :-)