Ooh! That's VERY Anthropologie...

If we could, we would buy everything at Anthropologie. Their style is lovely and unique and their attention to the smallest design detail is what sets them apart from other stores. We go there often to get inspiration and we ALWAYS check out the sales rack (of course) and once in a while, we splurge just a little on something we absolutely can't live without. Because we deserve it! Right? Right??

When we're out and about at our usual haunts (Ross, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Marshalls, Dollar Stores, etc. etc.) we often find ourselves excitedly saying 'Ooh! That's VERY Anthropologie.' And as you can see from where we're shopping, the item that we've found is usually much less expensive than something similar from Anthropologie.

Recently we found these ice cream bowls (just like some we bought at Anthropologie). They were at a local grocery store for $1.50 each. The dish towels were found at K-Mart and Dollartree.

This cute tank top was at Ross for $6.99! It's the details on this one that we love.

Silk screen detail and braid trim.

Ruffles and stitching around the arms.

This $6.80 ring from Forever 21 reminds us of the $98.00 Oceanic Encounter ring from Anthropologie. (I must admit, I DID buy the $98.00 Masquerade ring and I absolutely love it and people compliment me on it all the time. So, hey, never forget that sometimes you are worth a splurge!)