Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Starts July 18th!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 18th at 7:00am. Surprisingly, I have never been one to bother getting up early and running to a sale. I usually don't check out this particular sale until later.

But, the other day I was at lunch with friends and one of them took me to her appointment with a personal shopper for the "preview" sale. Well, I found out I have been missing out on some fun shopping experiences because I have never used this service (probably because I'm not a super loyal customer). The short of it is, if you utilize the personal shopping service at Nordstrom (which is free) you get early access to all of their sales.

The booty is hidden in dressing rooms in each department and you can go in and pick what you like and the shopper will go and get it in your size and color choice. You pay for it and pick it up after the sale starts and avoid all the other "common" shoppers (like me).

Tragically, I lost my David Yurman bracelet while in my shopping frenzy. That was quite a bummer - I saved about $100 at the sale, but lost about $500 in jewelry. If you are in Salt Lake City and see this bracelet at Nordstrom, or The Cheescake Factory, or at Staples, or lying on the road somewhere and you could let me know, that would be swell.