Let’s All Be Squeeky Clean

Two weeks ago at the Farmer’s Market we were struck by the adorable packaging of these non-toxic cleaning products. Non-toxic? Cute packaging? We had to buy some!

Squeeky Green offers three healthy cleaners made from natural, household items, and the best part? The recipe is on the label. So when it's gone, you can mix up your own batch and re-use the 32 oz. bottle again and again. If that’s too much work for you, just be sure to recycle the bottle and buy more.

I’ve been using Mrs. Meyer’s lately, but last night while cleaning the kitchen I thought I’d give my new Surfaces cleaner a whirl. I must say, the peppermint & lemon scent was to die for! And the smell lasted, which was good since I was trying to rid our kitchen of the bacon odor still lingering from dinner. Yes, that’s right, we have bacon for dinner sometimes. It’s shameful. Anyway, now that I’ve used them once I can’t wait to try out the Everyday cleaner and Disinfectant.

Give 'em a whirl if you're looking to support local companies and help reduce the toxins in our environment.