How Fun Are These?

Let's face it. We'd all like to be able to buy expensive designer shoes that will set us apart from the masses, but sometimes that just isn't an option. Well, now you can dress up your pumps from Payless or flats from Target with Erica Weiner’s shoe clips.

"Shoe clips were first manufactured in the ornament-obsessed Victorian era, when instead of buying multiple pairs of shoes, women dressed up their plain footwear with an endless variety of detachable bows, buckles, and jewels."

Another sweet discovery is Absolutely Audrey

Their Vintage line includes unique, one-of-a-kind shoe clips. They convert vintage accessories into stylish shoe clips.

They also have a Chic and Bridal line. From grosgrain flowers to leather bows, a couple pairs of these could multiply your existing shoe collection. I personally am going to try these beauties on flats, because I get cramps in my calves if I wear heels for very long! Oh the joys of getting older...