We were chatting at book club last night and yada yada yada, our sister Christina had Mom's lost David Yurman bracelet in her purse! Turns out she had found it in a box of Eliza's toys earlier in the week. Can I get a Woo! Woo!?

We did learn a valuable lesson in this process. First, if you are a gal who loves jewelry or a guy who loves to buy jewelry for jewelry lovin' gal, establish a relationship with a salesperson at your jewelry store.

(As a side note, it's always a good idea to establish relationships with salespeople or owners at your favorite stores because they can help you secure hard to find items, give you advance notice when new merchandise is coming into the store, or help you replace an item you might lose. It also comes in handy for someone to know your taste so that they can guide your significant other when he/she comes in to drop some serious dough on a gift for you.)

ANYHOO, Mom called the fabulous Liz at O.C. Tanner straight away about replacing her bracelet and we learned something else that was interesting. Turns out that if your lost item is one that many customers have complained about and the complaints are consistent (for example, the clasp of this bracelet comes undone pretty easily if you are digging around in your purse or say, in a box of toys. This, combined with Mom's delicate, bird-like wrists creates a problem.), David Yurman will replace it for free!

Now that Mom doesn't have to spend all that money on a new bracelet, I smell a lot of trips to Ross coming up... Woo! Woo!