Crazy About Shade

I have about fifty of these "under" t-shirts. I use the "under" because I strongly feel they belong under clothing and not worn alone. Except for a few teenagers with 0% body fat, I have never seen anyone I think looks good with this style of tight tight t-shirt alone. There seem to be many who think they look good in them, but sadly I need to break this to you -- You have lumps, bumps, and rolls that the general public does not want to see. Trust me on this.

This type of t-shirt is a must these days. Jean styles seem to be staying lower cut at the waist and a plumber's crack is not attractive. They are slim fitting so they work well under most tops and are perfect for those see through numbers when you don't want the world to see your bra.

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Lindsay said...

I also love their scoop neck half sleeve! It is one of my favorite shirts. It makes my arms look really thin!

Kim said...

Love my shades! Agree with you that they are a must under clothes but not alone ;)
Have you girls done a post about purses yet? I need a new purse and this is the place for all the best advice!