Be Sweaty, Smell Good

I have been checking out Bikram Yoga. Well, technically I've only been to two classes, but that's one more class than anyone else I know who has tried Bikram Yoga, so there. If you are not familiar with this type of yoga practice, here is the scoop:

- Bikram Yoga is also called Hot Yoga. Why? Because it's effing hot in the studio.
- The studio is heated to 105°F (40.5°C) with a humidity of 40%.
- Classes are guided by specific dialogue including 26 postures and two breathing exercises. (The breathing exercises kinda make me dizzy.)
- Classes last approximately 90-minutes (yes, that's an hour and a half)

You start to sweat in the Bikram Yoga room approximately 35 seconds after you arrive. And when I say you sweat, you really sweat. Like, sweaty like you've never felt outside of a steam room. Yeah, it's kinda gross, but burning calories always has its drawbacks....

ANYWAY, I wanted to give a special shout out to two products that Bikram Yoga has put to the test and have come through with flying colors:

Surf Laundry Detergent. Mom has been passionate about Surf Laundry detergent for years. And I've come around to her point of view. When you've sweat through your clothes and you have to curl up into a little ball with your forehead on your knee, to sniff the delicious scent of Surf Laundry Detergent is like a little bit of heaven in the sweaty hell of Bikram Yoga. They don't make Surf for High Efficiency washers yet, but that doesn't stop us from using it. It's the best.

Secret Flawless Invisible Solid, Touch of Olay, Smooth Powder Scent. If anything is going to put a deodorant to the test, it's going to be a Bikram Yoga class. Janaan and Mom discovered this deodorant a couple of years ago and it is THE BEST (be sure to look for the kind WITH Oil of Olay AND the SOLID, not the semi-solid that goes through the little cheese grater like top thingy).

Happy Sweating!