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Today’s question comes from Ashley, a good friend of the family and new mother to one of the cutest babies ever.

“I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up in one month and I need to find an outfit that will minimize my post pregnancy body.”

Janaan Says:

Avoid any clothing combination that defines your waist. Concentrate on using clothes to direct attention away from your stomach and toward your upper body and legs. Perfect for this are tunic-style tops; they're flattering, yet spacious.

We love leggings right now and think they are so cute with a long tunic over the top. This will highlight your legs, while minimizing your other sections. *Make sure your top covers your bottom. There's nothing worse than someone wearing leggings with a too short top.

If you want to go a little bit more casual, choose pants that have a flat front and side and back zippers as they will complement your figure. Stay away from side pockets! , They will only draw attention to your mid section. White pants can be dressed up or down and are perfect for summer.

Pair white pants with loose tops.

Natalie Says:

Always start with a good foundation. I’m assuming you want to minimize your stomach and the best way I’ve found to do that is Spanx higher power under garments. I read somewhere that Gwyneth Paltrow wore these after her babies, sometimes doubling up for important public events (I have actually done this – it’s super tight and you kinda can’t breathe that well, but hey, it works). These Spanx are fantastic, running from your mid thigh to right under your bra line. They flatten your stomach without creating little rolls or bumps elsewhere, and they are completely seamless.

Spanx Higher Power

As far as the dress, I would recommend either a shift/a-line shaped dress, which will create a column line from your shoulders to your lower leg. This style gives the illusion that your shape is more linear. Also, wrap dress is flattering on any body type, in black, that hits above the knee.

Here are some cute shift/a-line shaped dresses from Forever 21.

Couture Necklaced Dress

Chiffon Tier Dress

Another option from Sears:
Metaphor Pleated Trapeze Dress

If you are keen on a wrap dress, I would invest in The One, The Only, Diane von Furstenberg. The classic DVF wrap dress is $250 - $300, but it is a piece that you can incorporate into your wardrobe and wear forever and ever. It can be dressed up and dressed down and it always looks sexy. Trust me on this one, I stay at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay all the time and the waitresses in the bar all wear DVF black wrap dresses and the guys go all googley eyed over them every time.

DVF Wrap Dress

As far as accessories, go for a killer high high high heel, and no one will notice anything but your seemingly endless legs.

Pam Says:

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! If you accessorize your neckline and ears with big and bold jewels or a shot of color, it will draw the attention to those areas.

For an all black outfit, this is a great way to an interesting touch:
Chandelier earrings are classic and this oversized pair will catch the eye

A jeweled headband is great way to bring the attention to your face, plus they are so girly and lovely and perfect for a young fun girl such as yourself.

Turquoise looks good on all skin tones

Nothing makes a statement like peacock feather earrings:

It might be a bit chillier in Portland. We love a summer scarf. They add color to an outfit and wrapping one around your neck will not only keep the chill out, but will be a statement:


No matter what you wear, just be confident and love your body, after all, it produced a beautiful baby. A big smile says more than any piece of clothing can say. You are beautiful, your baby is beautiful, and so is your body. Have a great time!!


The Cheaping Girls


Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

Hey, thanks! I will have to send a picture when purchases are made.. .

Lindsay said...

Good ideas ladies! I love this new feature of your blog!

I'm trying to think of something I can ask that would be worthy of a blog.

Jodi said...

Ok now I really want that DVF wrap dress. Think Bry will go a week without eating so I can get one?