READER TIP!! Silver Jeans On Sale Now!

This just in!! From our Auntie Barbara who always has a pulse on the online world:

"You probably have your favorite jeans, but I have to tell you because this is a great buy online – Silver Jeans is having an up to 75% off sale! They have these particular ones that are a favorite of mine and Tennille. [Cheaping Girls Note: Tennille is our totally stylish and fun cousin, who happens to have two of the cutest kids we’ve ever seen] They are the Pioneer jeans. A tip about this style, they are a slim fit through the thigh and knee area, so I always go up a size or two on pants.”

Silver Jeans can be found at Buckle, but why pay more when you can get such a great deal online? We like Silver Jeans because they come in longer lengths, which is good for taller girls who still want to wear a little bit of a heel.

How Fun Are These?

Let's face it. We'd all like to be able to buy expensive designer shoes that will set us apart from the masses, but sometimes that just isn't an option. Well, now you can dress up your pumps from Payless or flats from Target with Erica Weiner’s shoe clips.

"Shoe clips were first manufactured in the ornament-obsessed Victorian era, when instead of buying multiple pairs of shoes, women dressed up their plain footwear with an endless variety of detachable bows, buckles, and jewels."

Another sweet discovery is Absolutely Audrey

Their Vintage line includes unique, one-of-a-kind shoe clips. They convert vintage accessories into stylish shoe clips.

They also have a Chic and Bridal line. From grosgrain flowers to leather bows, a couple pairs of these could multiply your existing shoe collection. I personally am going to try these beauties on flats, because I get cramps in my calves if I wear heels for very long! Oh the joys of getting older...

Let’s All Be Squeeky Clean

Two weeks ago at the Farmer’s Market we were struck by the adorable packaging of these non-toxic cleaning products. Non-toxic? Cute packaging? We had to buy some!

Squeeky Green offers three healthy cleaners made from natural, household items, and the best part? The recipe is on the label. So when it's gone, you can mix up your own batch and re-use the 32 oz. bottle again and again. If that’s too much work for you, just be sure to recycle the bottle and buy more.

I’ve been using Mrs. Meyer’s lately, but last night while cleaning the kitchen I thought I’d give my new Surfaces cleaner a whirl. I must say, the peppermint & lemon scent was to die for! And the smell lasted, which was good since I was trying to rid our kitchen of the bacon odor still lingering from dinner. Yes, that’s right, we have bacon for dinner sometimes. It’s shameful. Anyway, now that I’ve used them once I can’t wait to try out the Everyday cleaner and Disinfectant.

Give 'em a whirl if you're looking to support local companies and help reduce the toxins in our environment.

Get Your Craft On

Just print it out and take it to your nearest Michaels. We like to use these coupons for all of the lovely Martha Stewart products.

Hot Mess

When you are a Cheaping Girl it's a must to check out "Going out of Business" sales. Last Friday, while in Las Vegas, I was walking by the Two Lips shoes outlet, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A going out of business sale! Now I have been to a few of these sales before. Sometimes they are not good deals, and sometimes they are fake (like in New York where "going out of business" is a permanent state of being for some stores). But sometimes, SOMETIMES, they are the real thing. And this one was one of those times - everything was marked way WAY down and it was BOGO!

This was a shopping event for the true shopper. It was hot, messy, crowded and there were mysterious wet spots on the floors. Now, I don't even want to think about those wet spots, I just sashayed around them. You can't be a coward in this type of battle.

This sale was the hottest mess I have ever seen, and I've been to A LOT of Ross stores. I mean, this mess was mind-blowing. However, the shoes were cool, I had my MWM by my side, and I had time to filter through the piles.

This was not a task for the faint of heart. It was very frustrating, finding one shoe in your size and then scoping out the entire store for the mate. Sometimes I could only find two left shoes in my size. Oh the irony! Or, maybe there was someone with two size 7 1/2 right feet out there...anything is possible I suppose...

But, with a little effort I was soon finding complete pairs of boots and shoes. Keep in mind, there was no help at all (this was no Nordstrom!). To top it off, there was only one girl at the check out counter and she seemed to have no energy, maybe that was because is was 110 degrees outside and only a little cooler inside. ANYWAY, after avoiding the mysterious wet spots and digging through the piles (yes, these pictures are actually from this sale!) here is what I found:

Hottie - Originally $79.99 on sale at Two Lips for $59.99 - At the sale $8.33 a pair!
Vivacious - Originally $79.99 on sale at Two Lips for $59.99 - At the sale $8.33 a pair!

Shady - Originally $79.99 on sale at Two Lips for $49.99 - At the sale $8.33 a pair!

All in all, I got 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of boots for the low low price of $50.00! TOTALLY worth the effort!

Weekend Wrap-Up

We managed to do a little shopping this weekend.

We've been thinking about this Ikea KULLA lamp for some time now and this weekend it was on sale for $24.99, originally priced at $89.99. It's so clean and modern, how could we resist?

We had a 25% Off Your Entire Purchase to Tai Pan Trading, which is a rare deal for this store. This meant lots of yummy satin ribbon, serving dishes and home decor items were purchased.

A Salad Dressing With Less

I like to get the best for less. I would also like to weigh less. It's a lifetime pursuit. Now I don't have a big problem (thank you fate!). But, like everyone, I would like to be just a few pounds lighter.

I have tried so many strange diets though the years. The Rice Diet; The Cereal Diet; The American Heart Association; Weight Watchers; Diets for Dummies; Atkins; any diet featured on Oprah; etc. You get the idea. I will pretty much try anything anyone talks about for a while. There's the clincher, "for a while." That's right I - like most of America, don't stick with my diet.
At the present moment I am watching what I eat. Watching it be delivered to my table and then shoveling it down my throat. Just kidding...kinda.

If you’re following a weight loss plan, salad has most likely become an essential staple in your diet. We all know that salad is loaded with nutrients and makes a great meal or snack - but you have to be sure you don’t jeopardize the health value by smothering it with calorie-laden salad dressings. I lost 20lbs. on Weight Watchers last year and I discovered this salad dressing while I was strictly counting points. It is great tasting and get a load of this - it's made of nothing - no calories, fat, nothing. Obviously there has to be something, but it makes me feel so good to have it taste so great and not sabotage my salad. Available at local supermarkets or online at

I have not tried all the flavors. But I can give my recommendation for the Balsamic and Caesar.

Crazy About Shade

I have about fifty of these "under" t-shirts. I use the "under" because I strongly feel they belong under clothing and not worn alone. Except for a few teenagers with 0% body fat, I have never seen anyone I think looks good with this style of tight tight t-shirt alone. There seem to be many who think they look good in them, but sadly I need to break this to you -- You have lumps, bumps, and rolls that the general public does not want to see. Trust me on this.

This type of t-shirt is a must these days. Jean styles seem to be staying lower cut at the waist and a plumber's crack is not attractive. They are slim fitting so they work well under most tops and are perfect for those see through numbers when you don't want the world to see your bra.

Visit Shade today and get 20% off their clearance!

Happy Pioneer Day

Today is a state holiday in Utah. Pioneer Day celebrates the arrival of the first pioneer settlers to the Salt Lake Valley. Luckily my company gives the day off. Woohoo!

If you're as lucky, enjoy your day and be sure to sleep in, eat lots of yummy food, go to the rodeo and enjoy the fireworks.

Words To Live By

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

- Audrey Hepburn

Ooh La Lift

For us older gals (and some of you younger ones too - stay out of the sun!) - the under eye area becomes a problem area. I have used Ooh La Lift for a few years and it really does feel good - I can only hope it looks good. I fool myself that it does and it's cheaper then surgery.

Benefit says:

Our magic pink balm helps firm under the eye area so you look years younger. With a special blend of botanicals and light reflecting pigments, this is for all of us gals who want eyes that look young and fresh. The cooling sensations feel so good you'll want to use it all day long... we say go for it... the perk-me-up results are instant, and the feel good sensation is right now!

Tips and tricks: Dab 3 dots with wand to puffy under eye area, over or under makeup. Gently pat into skin with fingertips to feel the cooling sensation!

Ugly Bag

There are times I wish I had one of these.

"This ugly bag is guaranteed to cure ugliness. Directions: Open bag and place over head of ugly person with face side facing forward. Instantly creates beauty where there is none. Note: For extra ugly persons, two bags may be necessary in case one breaks."

Found via Daily Candy

Yea, We're Adventurous and Stuff

About a week ago two of the three Cheaping Girls went Skydiving. (Mom is totally afraid of heights, so she wouldn't do it.)

And we gotta say, it was FUN.

Our reasoning behind going? Turns out our 88 year old grandpa has always wanted to go skydiving. And, when else are you going to go skydiving with your grandpa?

While they suited us up there was all kinds of morbid banter between our jump-mates. Like 'hey - isn't it your 13th jump man? Good Luck!' you know, stuff like that. But it was all in good fun. We paid for the DVD of our jump, which was $80, so in addition to our tandem jump-mate we had our own personal photographer/videographer. This meant 9 people in our party, which meant we ended up with our own plane for our group, which was kind of cool. If you ever go, you must must must get the video.

The plane ride up took about 20 minutes, and the view was lovely. Jumping was unlike anything we have ever experienced and we highly recommend everyone try it at least once in their life.

Summer Deals at Newport News

Newport News is having a sale - plus it’s $5 shipping on all orders of $50 or more! For Newport News this is a steal. Their shipping costs are always a bit high (IMHO) so always look for a discount code if you can. The discount code for this sale is K05. And, bonus - they have a whole section of 66 items for $9.99!

These satin slides are sweet for only $9.99

OK, I know that my hero Tim Gunn hates gauchos and thinks you should not wear them even if you are exploring a swamp, but, whatever, I love them and buy them every year. These are only $9.99 (I would get rid of the silly belt).

OK, yes, I know that these are gauchos too, but I like them! (I would keep the belt on this pair). $9.99

Love this buttery yellow silky tunic for only $15!!

Ask The Cheaping Girls

Today’s question comes from Ashley, a good friend of the family and new mother to one of the cutest babies ever.

“I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up in one month and I need to find an outfit that will minimize my post pregnancy body.”

Janaan Says:

Avoid any clothing combination that defines your waist. Concentrate on using clothes to direct attention away from your stomach and toward your upper body and legs. Perfect for this are tunic-style tops; they're flattering, yet spacious.

We love leggings right now and think they are so cute with a long tunic over the top. This will highlight your legs, while minimizing your other sections. *Make sure your top covers your bottom. There's nothing worse than someone wearing leggings with a too short top.

If you want to go a little bit more casual, choose pants that have a flat front and side and back zippers as they will complement your figure. Stay away from side pockets! , They will only draw attention to your mid section. White pants can be dressed up or down and are perfect for summer.

Pair white pants with loose tops.

Natalie Says:

Always start with a good foundation. I’m assuming you want to minimize your stomach and the best way I’ve found to do that is Spanx higher power under garments. I read somewhere that Gwyneth Paltrow wore these after her babies, sometimes doubling up for important public events (I have actually done this – it’s super tight and you kinda can’t breathe that well, but hey, it works). These Spanx are fantastic, running from your mid thigh to right under your bra line. They flatten your stomach without creating little rolls or bumps elsewhere, and they are completely seamless.

Spanx Higher Power

As far as the dress, I would recommend either a shift/a-line shaped dress, which will create a column line from your shoulders to your lower leg. This style gives the illusion that your shape is more linear. Also, wrap dress is flattering on any body type, in black, that hits above the knee.

Here are some cute shift/a-line shaped dresses from Forever 21.

Couture Necklaced Dress

Chiffon Tier Dress

Another option from Sears:
Metaphor Pleated Trapeze Dress

If you are keen on a wrap dress, I would invest in The One, The Only, Diane von Furstenberg. The classic DVF wrap dress is $250 - $300, but it is a piece that you can incorporate into your wardrobe and wear forever and ever. It can be dressed up and dressed down and it always looks sexy. Trust me on this one, I stay at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay all the time and the waitresses in the bar all wear DVF black wrap dresses and the guys go all googley eyed over them every time.

DVF Wrap Dress

As far as accessories, go for a killer high high high heel, and no one will notice anything but your seemingly endless legs.

Pam Says:

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! If you accessorize your neckline and ears with big and bold jewels or a shot of color, it will draw the attention to those areas.

For an all black outfit, this is a great way to an interesting touch:
Chandelier earrings are classic and this oversized pair will catch the eye

A jeweled headband is great way to bring the attention to your face, plus they are so girly and lovely and perfect for a young fun girl such as yourself.

Turquoise looks good on all skin tones

Nothing makes a statement like peacock feather earrings:

It might be a bit chillier in Portland. We love a summer scarf. They add color to an outfit and wrapping one around your neck will not only keep the chill out, but will be a statement:


No matter what you wear, just be confident and love your body, after all, it produced a beautiful baby. A big smile says more than any piece of clothing can say. You are beautiful, your baby is beautiful, and so is your body. Have a great time!!


The Cheaping Girls

Hello Lover!

I saw her last night in the latest Urban Outfitters catalog and it was love at first sight.

$400? I guess I need to start saving my pennies.


We were chatting at book club last night and yada yada yada, our sister Christina had Mom's lost David Yurman bracelet in her purse! Turns out she had found it in a box of Eliza's toys earlier in the week. Can I get a Woo! Woo!?

We did learn a valuable lesson in this process. First, if you are a gal who loves jewelry or a guy who loves to buy jewelry for jewelry lovin' gal, establish a relationship with a salesperson at your jewelry store.

(As a side note, it's always a good idea to establish relationships with salespeople or owners at your favorite stores because they can help you secure hard to find items, give you advance notice when new merchandise is coming into the store, or help you replace an item you might lose. It also comes in handy for someone to know your taste so that they can guide your significant other when he/she comes in to drop some serious dough on a gift for you.)

ANYHOO, Mom called the fabulous Liz at O.C. Tanner straight away about replacing her bracelet and we learned something else that was interesting. Turns out that if your lost item is one that many customers have complained about and the complaints are consistent (for example, the clasp of this bracelet comes undone pretty easily if you are digging around in your purse or say, in a box of toys. This, combined with Mom's delicate, bird-like wrists creates a problem.), David Yurman will replace it for free!

Now that Mom doesn't have to spend all that money on a new bracelet, I smell a lot of trips to Ross coming up... Woo! Woo!

Now That We're Awesome Hikers and All

My friend Holly (a real hiker - not a wannabe like me) gave me the name of a great hiking book for our area. After a quick web search I learned this book is available for many areas around the country. I picked up the one for Salt Lake City at my local Barnes and Noble.

This book will guide us to hike #4! That's right we're planning a fourth hike!

The Look For Less

They look very similar to these Tory Burch sandals.