We love to shop. We do. But we have identified a huge exception to this rule. We don’t like to shop for bathing suits. No one does. Let’s just call it like it is, OK? Since the whole process sucks so much anyway, we prefer to cheap out on bathing suits. Why invest a lot of money in something that you’re only going to wear a few times? Also, we don’t like to commit to a certain suit for the entire season, one day you might be feeling a bit nautical, the next a bit naughty. So we need options. Below are a few suits that hit the mark – they are affordable AND cute. We bought many of these for ourselves this year.

Our M.O. when bathing suit shopping is the following:

1. Determine which suit is best for your body type before you go to the store. For example, I love a bandeau top, especially a shirred or ruffled bandeau top. This is mostly because my boobs are tiny, but bandeau also has the added benefit of reducing wonky tan lines. So when I go bathing suit shopping, I completely ignore any bikini without a bandeau top. This just makes everything so much more efficient. 2. Always always always try on bathing suits at home. Never never never remove that protective thingy inside though. Gross. The lighting at most stores is just too hideous and we like to take our time, maybe put on some soft lighting and a little mood music to soften the blow of looking in that full length mirror. I know, this means that you might have to return the suit, but I still think it's better to return than to ruin a perfectly good shopping trip trying on suits in the dressing room at the store.
3. Get a spray tan or slather on some self tanner BEFORE you try on the bathing suit. Enough said.

4. Finally, have a friend or lover there that will be honest with you about how you look. It can be brutal, but you need to know the truth.

Some of our favorite places to find lots of options are Newport News, Target and Old Navy - $14.99 - 17.99 - 19.99 - 17.99-19.99

Newport News - $39.00

Newport News - $39.99 - Shirring really helps with hiding the lumps!

Newport News - From $8.00 - you can get creative here.

Old Navy - $9.99 - $15.00 - fun choices here too.


Lindsay said...

A few websites I look for swim suits are Lands End, Boden, and Lime Ricki.

They don't offer prices as cheap as your examples but they do have some cute, fun suits (and they do go on clearance).

Good tip about the self tanner!

Kate said...

Have you seen the swimsuits from Modbe? They are so so cute and I hear that the fabric is nice and thick and supportive and wonderful. I'm going to order one asap. Not super cheap but a swimsuit is something I'll pay good money for.