Sandals on Clearance Already?

Where we live (in the great state of Utah) summer just barely appeared this week. To say it was a cold spring would be an understatement - there has been snow in June. June people! We have been waiting and waiting to wear those summer sandals and clothes we have been buying since March and shop for more.

I popped into Walmart today and to my surprise a couple of my favorite sandals there were already marked down to $5.00, even though the season for wearing them just arrived - so I just had to get them in white and gold. Now, I already have white and gold sandals in another style, but these are slightly different, very comfortable, and for heaven's sake only $5.00!
The cork sole makes this pair so comfortable.

These come in white, blue, yellow, black and hot pink.


Miss T said...

Thanks for the tip girls! I usually am terrified to venture into Walmart because the massive aisles & greeters at the door scare me a bit but seeing that these shoes are so cheap, I may have to snag a few pairs. Now, only if I can find a Walmart in the may be an urban legend.

Cheaping Girls said...

Let us know if it exists and if it's an especially good one. Evanston, Wyoming is surprisingly good. Killer after Christmas deals on wrapping paper, trees, lights, ornaments, etc.