Our Famous Auntie/Sis-in-Law

We all know that summertime means your feet come out of hiding and show themselves to world in cute pairs of gladiators, flip flops, etc. That's why it's important to keep them looking pretty and in shape. Our favorite way to do that is to use a pumice stone every morning in the shower. But not just any ol' dollar store pumice stone, we only use BK Pumice Stones. Partly because they come in a variety of pretty colors, partly because they work wonders and mostly because our dear Auntie Deb/Sis-in-Law Deb makes them.

She is only one of a few pumice stone manufacturers in the USA, and the only one that makes colored pumice stones in shapes other than blocks. And, as a bonus, for those OCD house cleaners like me, ahem, these are also great for tackling tough stains on porcelain sinks, tubs and toilet bowls.

Deb is quite an over achiever. She works two jobs and is an entrepreneur on the side! We only wish we had that kind of energy. Check out the details in this article, and then run to Sally Beauty Supply as fast as you can and pick up some of her amazing pumice stones. Or order online here.

*As a side note - she makes the best licorice caramels on the planet.