Oh, Those Suuuhuummmerr Niiiiihiiiiigggghhhtttss!!

I am really into pajamas. And I am really into warm weather. It seems like it is FINALLY the time where these two things to come together! I am loving all of the summer lingerie at Forever 21. Everything is ssssoooo sweet. You can just picture wandering out on the patio in the middle of a sweltering August night with a glass of lemonade or a mint julep in hand.

Here are a few things I am groovin' on...

Kelly Pajama Boxer - $6.80 (also comes in Peach, Pink and Black)

Chloe Cotton Slip - $14.80 (also comes in Black, Cream and Pink)

Amour Silk Slip - $26.80 (also comes in black with pink trim)

Pink Cami Set - $14.80