Always a Cheaping Girl, Even on the Run

The Cheaping Girls aren’t what you would call ‘outdoorsy’. BUT our recent hike in Hawaii opened up a new world to us – you CAN go out and enjoy nature AND still come home and get a pedicure AND sleep in your own bed AND you burn a gazillion calories during the whole process. Mostly we are excited about the calorie burning part of this equation…oh all right…we like the beauty of nature too…

Of course, becoming hikers meant outfitting ourselves in new gear…woo hoo! We love any excuse to shop. Mom found some really cute camouflage shorts at Steve and Barry’s for $8.98. Well, technically Mom got hers for $8.98 and mine were $9.98 because I got mine the next day and mysteriously everything had gone up a buck. I took a quick picture of myself in them before we left on our hike:

HA! HA! I wish. (Side note: Does Steve and Barry’s have the worst website or what? You can’t find pictures of any of their products anywhere! Argh. Very frustrating.)

Hopefully you can just trust me; the Steve and Barry’s brand camo print cargo shorts are super cute. They are 100% cotton, hit about mid thigh with the option to roll up and snap a cuff, and have cargo pockets and silver rivets. They zip and snap closed but have a drawstring tie too. They make you at least LOOK outdoorsy while you cultivate your outdoor skills.

On Saturday, we did our first hike of the summer and I left the peak a bit after the rest of the crew. I decided to run down the mountain to catch up, which burned even more calories, and made me look really awesome, like I was some kind of professional hiker who runs trails all the time. I was really worried about tripping and falling but there was only one moment where I lost control. As I jogged past this family the daughter said ‘cute shorts’ and then as I passed she turned to her mom and said ‘see, I want shorts like that’. I just couldn’t leave her hanging, could I? So I turned my head around and yelled ‘STEVE AND BARRY’S!! TEN BUCKS!!!’ I heard her yell ‘COOL!’ just as my toe caught a rock and I did one of those spastic -almost-wiped-out-but-caught-myself-at-the-last-minute-maneuvers. I took a quick look around and luckily no one saw me. Whew!

While I didn’t fall down on our first hike, I am having an extremely hard time walking today. Don’t let the awesomeness of these shorts trick you like they did me. Just because you have cute camo shorts on doesn’t mean you can run three miles down a mountain and bounce back the next day.


rochelle said...

too funny! thanks for the tip on the cute camo shorts. I need to check them out!

Kate said...

Ha! Great story!