Ask The Cheaping Girls

Hello Dahlings!

We are so excited to start our 'Ask the Cheaping Girls' feature. We have received so many great questions from our dear readers and we love a shopping challenge! This question comes from a friend and former colleague of mine who is a lovely girl with the most perfect curly hair you have ever seen. Actually, we should have her write a post about how she gets her hair so perfectly curly, it's a complicated process, but the results are worth it!

Anyhoo, here is her question:

I need some fashion help. My sister in law is getting married in August and her color is purple (more red than blue). I've found a cute dress from Banana Republic. [Note from Natalie - OK, this dress is totally cute and I would love to show it to you, but it is sold out and now I can't find a picture of it. Sorry!!] Now what I am trying to figure out are the shoes/accessories. I'm thinking a good strappy gold sandal would work, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. Do the Cheaping Girls have any good solutions?

Pam says...
Go with metallic. I prefer silver over gold, but either will work with this color. I like a strappy sandal, especially for this time of year. I would take inspiration from these Jimmy Choo's and look for similar looks at low low prices online from Newport News, Victoria's Secret Catalogue and Zappos.

As far as accessories, we loved loved loved the huge stack of gold bangles that Carrie wore in one of her 81 costume changes in the Sex and the City Movie. We'd go with lots of these (and we mean lots) with some tiny, delicate earrings. We seem to have good luck finding inexpensive bangles and earrings at Forever 21 (see bangles below), Target and Wal-Mart. TJ Maxx is also a great source for jewelry.
I would go with a clutch purse. Again, we take inspiration from Jimmy Choo (see below) and again you can find great clutch bags at Forever 21.
Man, I love Forever 21...

Janaan says...
I think teal looks lovely with this color. I would take inspiration from the Christian Dior ensemble Cameron Diaz wore to the 2007 Art Costume Institute Gala or Sara Jessica Parker at the premiere of the last season of Sex and the City:

There are some great bracelet and earring options at Forever 21 (see below).
Man, I love Forever 21...

Natalie says...
I am really groovin' on random, unexpected punches of color right now. I think that a bright yellow would look fabulous with this dress. You could even mix it up like SJP above (love the red shoes she's wearing along with the teal earrings). I took my inspiration from these yellow and black snake print pumps and patent leather slingbacks, both from Newport News. I would have the shoes be a statement piece and pick one or two accessories to accentuate. There are lots of great choices at Forever 21 (see below).
Man, I love Forever 21...

The Cheaping Girls

Patriotic Candles

Perfect for your upcoming 4th of July fete.

Office Pimp

I think my drab and dreary office cubicle needs a little pimpin'

Society Satchel

I am not pregnant, but this has to be the best diaper bag I have ever seen. It's a wool tweed bag with coordinating cut velvet designs. It comes in 9 different fabric choices. Doesn't it remind you of an old fashioned carpet bag?

This is definitely the bag I would get if I were ever in a position to need one.

*Update - These bags are by Petunia Picklebottom - This bag is from the Cake collection.

Petunia Picklebottom products can be found at the following SLC locations: Nordstrom, Paisley Pomegranate, and Babinski's. Hopefully this bag is in stock somewhere...

Words To Live By

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of someboday else’s life with perfection.The Bhagavad Gita

Inspiring Wallpapers

Real Simple Magazine is offering inspirational and free wallpapers for your desktop. Each comes with a thought or quote and a lovely image. And, with 19 different ones to choose from, you could change them out daily.

Found via Decor8

A Reason to Heart Sewing

I didn't think it was possible to love fabric this much, but I do. This line by fabric designer Anna Maria Horner is perfect. Fun, bright and a little offbeat. It makes me want to buckle down and really improve my sewing skills.

Maybe her new book will help me out with that goal. You can pre-order it now on

Check out her flickr pool to see the fun creations made with her fabric.

Our Famous Auntie/Sis-in-Law

We all know that summertime means your feet come out of hiding and show themselves to world in cute pairs of gladiators, flip flops, etc. That's why it's important to keep them looking pretty and in shape. Our favorite way to do that is to use a pumice stone every morning in the shower. But not just any ol' dollar store pumice stone, we only use BK Pumice Stones. Partly because they come in a variety of pretty colors, partly because they work wonders and mostly because our dear Auntie Deb/Sis-in-Law Deb makes them.

She is only one of a few pumice stone manufacturers in the USA, and the only one that makes colored pumice stones in shapes other than blocks. And, as a bonus, for those OCD house cleaners like me, ahem, these are also great for tackling tough stains on porcelain sinks, tubs and toilet bowls.

Deb is quite an over achiever. She works two jobs and is an entrepreneur on the side! We only wish we had that kind of energy. Check out the details in this article, and then run to Sally Beauty Supply as fast as you can and pick up some of her amazing pumice stones. Or order online here.

*As a side note - she makes the best licorice caramels on the planet.

Weekend Cookin'

I made this barbequed chicken pizza over the weekend and it was delicious.

Just be warned, if you use this barbeque sauce to make it, your lips might burn off.

P.S. JB's Fat Boy Bar B Que sauce is the best. Ed and I discovered it at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas and every year we make sure to stock up on more. It's the only sauce we'll use.

Fancy A Cup of Tea?

You know how you discover a lovely little place and you love it so much that you want to tell everyone about it, but then again, you don't want a bunch of people discovering it and ruining this lovely little place for you, but then again, you want the lovely little place to make money so it stays open forever and ever? Well, since I love y'all so much and I love this place so much, I am ignoring this debate raging in my head and I'm going to tell you about my latest discovery: The Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake City.

OOOOHHHHHH I LOVE THIS PLACE! (If I was telling you this in person, my voice would be getting higher and I would be crouching down a bit, leaning to the side, clasping my hands together with my eyes wide open, what with the excitement of sharing it with you and all.)

Upon entry you are greeted by loose-leaf teas, served English style in teapots, as well as delicious (and I mean DEE-LICIOUS) David Rio Chai, French Press Coffees from Rimini, hot chocolate, Italian Sodas and tea smoothies. They serve food too and you can book reservations for a formal afternoon tea, complete with the crusts cut off of your sandwich. (OK, I really don't know if they cut the crusts off of the sandwiches, but it seems like something they would do!) Oh yeah, and they have beer too!! Could this place be any more perfect?

The best part of The Beehive Tea room is the atmosphere. There are lots of little nooks and crannies and booths and back rooms where you can sit down with a friend for a nice chat or a lover for a nice game of footsie or by yourself just to contemplate how great your life is now that you've discovered this place.

Sandals on Clearance Already?

Where we live (in the great state of Utah) summer just barely appeared this week. To say it was a cold spring would be an understatement - there has been snow in June. June people! We have been waiting and waiting to wear those summer sandals and clothes we have been buying since March and shop for more.

I popped into Walmart today and to my surprise a couple of my favorite sandals there were already marked down to $5.00, even though the season for wearing them just arrived - so I just had to get them in white and gold. Now, I already have white and gold sandals in another style, but these are slightly different, very comfortable, and for heaven's sake only $5.00!
The cork sole makes this pair so comfortable.

These come in white, blue, yellow, black and hot pink.

Cheaping On Airfare

Check out this story on Yahoo! about how to find the cheapest airfare. With gas prices soaring, cheap travel is going to become harder and harder to find. And I don’t know what we’ll do if we can’t get to an H&M!

Since the Cheaping Girls heart discounted airfare, we thought we’d pass the main points of the article along:

1. Fly during the slowest days of the week – Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest flying days of the week for business travel so demand is low, and so are the fares.

2. Fly during the slowest time of the year – Traveling anytime between Labor Day and Thanksgiving for the best deals.

3. Fly to popular destinations at unpopular times – Hey, even though Hawaii in January might sound nice, the weather is actually better there in the summer too.

4. Buy during the cheapest times of the day – Early morning is the time to buy.

5. Buy a travel package, even if you don't need it – packages are sometimes cheaper than the airfare alone. We’ve never looked closely at a package, but are willing to now.

Oh Happy Day also did a post about her tips and tricks for buying on

"Bawth" & Body Works Sale

Bath and Body Works is having their semi-annual sale through June 22nd. Last weekend we stocked up on more soap, home fragrance oils and candles than we could use in a year. Everything was so cheap, we had to get one of everything in every flavor. Usually we only go crazy like this at the outlet store, so imagine our delight that the prices were as good in the regular stores right now.

If you can, go and check the sale out. This is the best way to stock up on home essentials.

Oh, Those Suuuhuummmerr Niiiiihiiiiigggghhhtttss!!

I am really into pajamas. And I am really into warm weather. It seems like it is FINALLY the time where these two things to come together! I am loving all of the summer lingerie at Forever 21. Everything is ssssoooo sweet. You can just picture wandering out on the patio in the middle of a sweltering August night with a glass of lemonade or a mint julep in hand.

Here are a few things I am groovin' on...

Kelly Pajama Boxer - $6.80 (also comes in Peach, Pink and Black)

Chloe Cotton Slip - $14.80 (also comes in Black, Cream and Pink)

Amour Silk Slip - $26.80 (also comes in black with pink trim)

Pink Cami Set - $14.80