Susie's Deals

For the hard core deal finder Susie’s Deals is an occasional shopping stop. This clothing store and online retailer offers everything for $5.99 and under. Yes, it’s messy; yes there’s a whole lot of really bad stuff; yes some of it is low quality, BUT it can have good brands and cute trendy stuff hidden in the crowded racks. Or if you can’t stand to go in one, just check it out online.

Recently I made a stop to my local Susie’s and found Ann Taylor Loft, Lerner, Target, and George among others. There were also some brands I have never heard of before, but were cute enough to try. On one visit we recognized a brand that we purchased while in Paris (France not Idaho) at a small boutique. Sometimes the labels have been torn out – so you can use your imagination (hey, maybe Prada sends their outdated goods here. Could happen.)

On my latest trip I found two dresses for 5.99 each and two cardigans for 2.00 each! Now shopping at Susie's takes some looking and some imagination, but it’s worth it if you have the time.

At places like Susie’s, where you are really going for the cheap stuff, the Cheaping Girls usually do not try things on – I know that’s crazy, but sometimes the dressing rooms are just too oogy in these places and for how cheap it is, we just figure someone will fit it – even someone who gets it at a thrift store after we toss it, although the men in our lives don’t like it when donation items still have the tags on. There may have been a few occasions where this happened, okay maybe a LOT of occasions.


Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

Ok I love your blog and I love this store too! cara told me about it and i thought we were the only ones who ever went there! cute dress!