Shine On

I am a bit obsessed with lip gloss. Alright, I am a lot obsessed. And the glossier and shinier, the better. I am currently carrying six different kinds of lip gloss in my handbag, because, well, a girl must be prepared, right? (Side note: I am on long business trip right now and my glosses are in a cute little pouch in my handbag. And yes, this pouch is specifically designated JUST for lip gloss. And no, it is not a clear plastic bag. And well, it gives me a secret thrill, getting through airport security with so many glosses in a bag that is not a clear plastic bag.). ANYWAY, I read about a lip gloss in the May 2008 Vogue and was so intrigued that I made a special trip to the cosmetics counter at Barneys in San Francisco last weekend.

The gloss is called Shine, and is part of the Lipstick Queen line of lip color by Poppy King. This gloss is a triple hit - UBER shiny, UBER thick, UBER fantastic color pigment. It lasts for hours. On the downside, it probably isn't the most kissable lip gloss. I bought three shades - Red Sinner, Wine Sinner, and Gold Saint (a lovely clear gloss with fine gold flecks). You can buy Shine online for $18 at or for $22 at Barneys.


Bill Tanna Ava Fox said...

Ok I'm not sure which cute Cheaping girl posted this... but I am totally obsessed with lip gloss too and on average carry about5-6 in MY purse too at all times and in every bag- church, pool, diaper, and non-baby day bags!!!!
WHY? don't know but am excited to try this shine! DARN- I was just in san fran at the braney's and wish i would have known! online here we go! love the blog :)

Lindsay said...

Awesome post! I also love super glossy lip gloss. What a great find!