Fab Fab Fab Skinny Jeans for $12.50!!

In general, I don't cheap out on jeans. The way I see it, you get your money's worth from a great pair of jeans and anything that makes my bubble butt look smaller is worth every penny. My favorite brands of jeans are Joe's (The Muse and The Honey) and Paper Denim and Cloth. [Side note: keep your eyes peeled at Anthropologie, Off Saks, and Neiman Marcus last call for great sales on designer brands]. For a great analysis of the world of designer jeans, check out my friend Lindsay's blog, she recently spent 9 hours shopping for jeans and tried on over 100 pairs!

Anyway, due to my aforementioned bubble butt, I have never really had luck with skinny jeans, although I LOVE the way that they look on other people. I've also never really had luck with any kind of trouser (denim or otherwise) at Forever 21. Welly, welly, well I was in Forever 21 the other day and spotted these skinny jeans for $12.50 and thought, what the heck? $12.50? Let's give them a whirl shall we?

The outcome? They definitely gap at the waist a little bit (this can be fixed with a quick alteration and is totally forgivable given the price point) but other than that, I REALLY like them!! The leg is great - not too tight, not too loose, the fabric is a nice dark color with good stretch, and the taper at the bottom is perfect. I couldn't wait to wear them so I just pulled a long T-shirt over the gap in the waist and voila!


Lindsay said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. Good luck with those skinny jeans--I am so jealous! Too much hip here :)