This weekend, I had the pleasure of shopping with my friend Eddy. She lives in London and we don't get to see each other very often. When we do see each other, it generally involves a day dedicated to power shopping. Eddy is absolutely hands down the most stylish woman I know. Her taste is very specific, and you can trust her on anything that she might buy on your behalf. I am always excited to see what she is wearing, because if she is wearing it, it is sure to be chic. This weekend Eddy was sporting white leather Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars (low-top) and they looked REALLY cool peeking out of her wide-leg trousers. So if you are in the market for a summer shoe, trust Eddy and go for this classic.

I also had the pleasure of taking Eddy to Target for the first time. Target is carrying a line of Converse apparel and shoes called Converse One Star. We were actually at Target looking for maternity clothes (Not for me! But thanks for making me feel fat.) when a little twinkle caught my eye. And that twinkle was the Converse One Star Skimmer Slip sneaker, in GLITTER. It is SSSOOOOO cute!!! I have to admit I am a sucker for silver shoes and I fell in love immediately. I also fell in love with the price - $19.99.

Eddy bought the Pink Oxford, which is $29.99. That's only £15! Every purchase sounds better when you convert the price from dollars to pounds. It's like Eddy is at a permanent 50% off sale. Lucky girl.