The Beauty of a Card

I love the interwebs. I love being able to instant message friends, keep in touch through email and check other people’s blogs to see what they’re up to. But, there is something special about receiving a beautiful card in the mail. Let’s face it, an email doesn’t hold quite the same meaning as taking the time to hand write a card and who doesn’t get a thrill seeing an actual card amongst all of the bills and credit card offers? Admit it, when you see a card you toss the rest of the mail aside and open that one first too. Yeah, I knew it.

I’ve always sent thank you cards, but I made a goal this year to send every single person in our family a birthday card. It hasn’t been easy, with a husband who has seven siblings, plus spouses and 24 nieces and nephews (plus a few spouses too). Look I may have forgotten a few people, OK? I’m sorry.

Due to the volume of cards I send and my tendency to forget until the last minute, I like to keep a stock of cards on hand. I discovered PaPaYa cards at a local Salt Lake retailer and they are absolutely lovely. The creators are a mother and daughter team who wanted to “bring inspiration & beauty” into their business. They not only sell beautiful cards, but journals, calendars, wrapping paper and more. If you too have seven siblings and 24 nieces and nephews or just want something fresh for your stock, check out these beauties.


Kate said...

I love these!