Cheaping Girls Shopping Tip #1

This weekend we decided to pop into Kohl’s (not a regular stop for us) to check out the latest from Simply Vera by Vera Wang. I found this lovely blue brushstroke pleated dress that had been marked down from $78 to $48.60. However, when trying it on I noticed on the inside lapel there was a small stain that looked questionable (actually, it looked kind of oogy), but since it was on the inside of the dress and it was the only one they had in my size, I decided to overlook said oogy stain, buy the dress, take it straight to the dry cleaners and never speak of it again. I showed the stain to the attendant at the cash register and she gave me an extra 15% off! The moral of the story is: Always point out flaws in the garments and ask for a discount, even if you only get a few bucks off, hey, you still saved some money!

*Depending on the severity of the flaw. Giant gaping holes might not be fixable. Also, we don't advocate putting oogy stains on clothing in the fitting rooms and then asking for a discount because that's just plain wrong.