This Is Not Your Bag

As we prepare to leave on a family vacation, I have been consumed with thoughts about what to bring (and wondering if I really need ten bathing suits for five days...) Anyway, as I was packing I made sure to attach my brand new luggage tag, since I definitely do not want to lose my bag full of all those suits.

My luggage tag is from Inventive Travelware. It says, “You Won’t Look Good In My Clothes,” which is true.

I like my tag to be a little cheeky because even though my bag may not ever be taken by mistake, I know what it says and it makes me laugh when I see it. And maybe the baggage handlers and TSA will catch a glimpse and have a giggle too.

Bob's Your Uncle makes these funny cardstock paper tags that let others know this bag is heavy - which, if you pack like a Cheaping Girl, it inevitably is.

Although I once made it through two weeks in Europe with only one very undersized bag - a huge achievement in my mind, but I digress. This tag from Flight 001 is perfect for your next European vacation.

These are from The Container Store - A perfect way to let a would-be thief know that there's nothing worth stealing.

Happy Travels!