Light Up The Night

Last weekend we went to our neighborhood Dollar Tree to scope things out (because, hey we love getting items for only a buck) and found some great eight inch battery-operated paper lanterns with a light bulb. They were available in orange, yellow, lime green or blue. I picked up a few for future backyard get togethers this summer. I donʼt know if they are at every location but they are definitely worth checking out.


BlueBirdBoutique said...

Oh wow! You found them too! I saw these months ago and asked my mother to pick some up for our wedding next month, but she waited too long and now they're gone. They said we could only order them if we have the item code or something to that effect. If you have it, I'd be FOREVER grateful! If we can't find it, we'll have to pay about 4 times as much for them somewhere else. AGGHHH! The nightmares! Way to go, Cheaping Girls! :)

Cheaping Girls said...

I will check my lanterns tonight and let you know what the item code is!