Backpedaling...but with pretty toes.

Ok, Ok. We know. We previously posted that we were TOTALLY into nude nail colors, which we TOTALLY are. But then Mom discovered Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. Now, we've tried the fabled Vamp and Black Satin, both by Chanel, and Lincoln Park After Dark is THE BEST. First of all it is DARK. And we say, if you're not going to have nude toes, GO DARK. Second, it has a hint shimmer. Third, it works and plays well with lots of colors of shoes. Fourth, it has held up unbelievably well this past week after being put through the paces in sand, sun, salt water and a four mile hike. What is more incredible, this nail polish, or the fact that the Cheaping Girls went on a four mile hike this week??


Kate said...

Love it. Also love Russian Navy by OPI because for some reason I really really like having blue toenails. It's unnatural, but really cool.

Kim said...

Getting this color next different for me. I usually go for the I'm Not A Waitress. I never try anything I will. Where are you sisters hiking and enjoying the beach, Hawaii????