April Showers Bring…New Coats

The rainy spring season is the perfect time to start thinking about a classic staple for your wardrobe – the Trench Coat. We adore Tim Gunn and in his book A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style and he lists the trench coat as one of top ten staples to have in your wardrobe. This got me thinking about our latest trench coat purchases. We were in Phoenix a month or so ago celebrating our Cheaping Grandma's birthday when we came upon a trench I had been dreaming of since Ali Larter wore it on an episode of Heroes. It has ¾ length sleeves with a pleated back. There were black and white versions of it at Wilson’s Leather (of all the random places to find a non-leather trench coat…) for $99 so of course, we all got one. Then, the next day at a local Ross we found this darling white version with yellow piping for just $19.99 and an amazing Michael Kors yellow trench for $99. OK, yes, we may have a developed a bit of a trench coat "problem," but hey, when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll.

Although a trench is a staple, that is not a reason to pay a lot for it. As Tim Gunn says, "although Burberry still rides high in the trench world, there is no reason to feel that you must spend $1200 just to get that plaid lining. Everybody now does something trench-ish, from Prada to H&M."

Here are a few other options I've found for you to add a trench to your wardrobe at an affordable price. Just remember that the most important thing is that it fits properly. As Tim says, "even the world's most expensive plaid will be cold comfort if you look like your coat is swallowing you alive." So true.

3 amazing options from Target:

Classic trench by Isaac Mizrahi

Lovely, lovely white laser cut trench perfect for Sunday brunch in the park... and let's face it, everyone needs a white trench coat

Black trench with super cute bubble hem

A fun take on the classic trench from Forever 21. The checker plaid and cuffed sleeves give it an edge

This lovely trench is from Victorias Secret - ¾ sleeves. A-line shape with cute cute cute pleating (I may have a slight obsession with pleating)

Overstock has some a lot of options for whatever style of trench you're looking for. This is a Michael Kors trench that is available in this great blue color, because who says you have to stick to the basic colors?


Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

I feel like I get my shopping kick out of the way for the day while I am sitting here at home waiting for this baby to come! Anyway, Chadwicks has some pretty cute trench coats for around $40 in multiple color options. . . love you guys.

Kate said...

Now find me a trench for tall chicks with long arms. I challenge you! I can't wear a 3/4 sleeve all my life long.