Hoop De Do

Wouldn't these bulletin boards be perfect for a craft room?

All Hail The Queen

This is hands down our favorite mask. The Mint Julep Masque by Queen Helene is a clay mask that hardens on your face, then is rinsed off. Not only does it help dry up pimples, shrink pores, and keep our blackheads in check, it is CHEAP. This is a staple in our skin care regimens. And, if it doesn’t work for you, at least you didn’t spend that much trying it out.

Backpedaling...but with pretty toes.

Ok, Ok. We know. We previously posted that we were TOTALLY into nude nail colors, which we TOTALLY are. But then Mom discovered Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. Now, we've tried the fabled Vamp and Black Satin, both by Chanel, and Lincoln Park After Dark is THE BEST. First of all it is DARK. And we say, if you're not going to have nude toes, GO DARK. Second, it has a hint shimmer. Third, it works and plays well with lots of colors of shoes. Fourth, it has held up unbelievably well this past week after being put through the paces in sand, sun, salt water and a four mile hike. What is more incredible, this nail polish, or the fact that the Cheaping Girls went on a four mile hike this week??

Light Up The Night

Last weekend we went to our neighborhood Dollar Tree to scope things out (because, hey we love getting items for only a buck) and found some great eight inch battery-operated paper lanterns with a light bulb. They were available in orange, yellow, lime green or blue. I picked up a few for future backyard get togethers this summer. I donʼt know if they are at every location but they are definitely worth checking out.

Words to Live By

"If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you're always going to be disappointed." -- Madonna

Fight The Cubicle Blues

Sitting in a dark kinda stinky area of in the back corner of the office, in a cubicle with no windows all...day....long....could drive you mad. So why not have some fun accessories to keep everything looking fresh and organized? The standard issue manila file folders make us want to cry. And, bringing a cute file folder into a meeting just says that you care enough to add that special something to your look, no?
This website currently has 14 styles of file folders to choose from, and I also love their notebooks and sketchpads. I recently discovered their CD sticker kits, which are available at the Container Store. I'm sure that everyone is tired of me giving them generic looking mix CD's with some random information scrawled in black sharpie marker and no playlist.
These are by far my favorite file folders, because they have the double benefit of looking great and making me giggle every single time I look at them.

These products are sweet, stylish, sophisticated and timeless. This company goes beyond the office, offering everything from notebooks to wrap to labels and gift tags.


Target usually has some fun office accessories. They have two lines of file folders right now, and they offer miniature magnetic file folders. We don't know what you would use those for (maybe if you had miniature documents that you needed to file on your refridgerator?), but they are so so cute we feel we might need them anyway.


We find lots of cute office supplies and desk accessories at discount stores such as Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Keep your eyes peeled in the home goods section. We have also found some cute post-it notes at Staples and, randomly, at Michael's crafts.

Style Icon

I have been loving Katie Holmes lately. Her wardrobe has been flawless - classic and chic. And her new haircut makes me want to chop all mine off too, if I didn't have such a pumpkin head...

Art Happens

Who doesn’t love a piece of great original art? Dress up your walls, provide a bit of inspiration or showcase your own talents. We don't exactly qualify in the "showcase your own talents" category so we have to buy original art. And you CAN get beautiful original pieces without breaking the bank.

Ebay is a fabulous resource for finding original art. Many artists (such as students or those who do it as a hobby) will sell here and when you receive your piece, a certificate of authenticity will accompany it. We have accessorized our home with many art pieces bought this way. This seller has 10x12 original landscapes for under $100

Etsy is home to not only prints galore, but original paintings too. Midnight Paintings are all under $100. The artist tries to create new paintings almost every day.

If you can’t afford one-of-a-kind art, there are myriad of fabulous prints out there. 20x200 is a company that provides high quality prints at a low cost. Basically, each image is available in three sizes. The smallest size is reprinted in the largest batch – an edition of 200 – and sold at the lowest price – $20. This is a great way to get a print that is sold in a limited edition.

BlueFlip Art offers giclee quality prints of amazingly talented artists.

Made by Girl sells this adorable letter poster that can be customized with a child's name and the color scheme of your choice. Perfect for a nursery or child's room.

This Is Not Your Bag

As we prepare to leave on a family vacation, I have been consumed with thoughts about what to bring (and wondering if I really need ten bathing suits for five days...) Anyway, as I was packing I made sure to attach my brand new luggage tag, since I definitely do not want to lose my bag full of all those suits.

My luggage tag is from Inventive Travelware. It says, “You Won’t Look Good In My Clothes,” which is true.

I like my tag to be a little cheeky because even though my bag may not ever be taken by mistake, I know what it says and it makes me laugh when I see it. And maybe the baggage handlers and TSA will catch a glimpse and have a giggle too.

Bob's Your Uncle makes these funny cardstock paper tags that let others know this bag is heavy - which, if you pack like a Cheaping Girl, it inevitably is.

Although I once made it through two weeks in Europe with only one very undersized bag - a huge achievement in my mind, but I digress. This tag from Flight 001 is perfect for your next European vacation.

These are from The Container Store - A perfect way to let a would-be thief know that there's nothing worth stealing.

Happy Travels!

Happy Birthday Natalie!

We want to wish our sister a very Happy Birthday!

She’s the oldest sister of the Cheaping Girls and has always been our inspiration – she is lovely, both inside and out, smart, stylish, funny and generous in every way possible.

We hope you have a cheery and relaxing day, with maybe a little shopping thrown in there too.

Red Hot Bullseye!

Channel Your Inner Audrey - While Supplies Last!

The Audrey Hepburn 'Sabrina' dress is a CLASSIC. We love it so much we had some custom made as bridesmaid's dresses for our sister's wedding.

The point is, Mom was at Target yesterday and found these Isaac Mizrahi dresses marked down to $12 from $49.99!! We are so excited we can't even stand it. Even our three year old niece said "oh, that's a pretty dress". We can't wait to wear it to our next cocktail party, garden party, engagement party, birthday party, any party really...if only it will stop snowing here.

Be sure to scour that 75% off rack next time you are at Tar-jay!

Cheaping Lipstick!

My favorite lipstick happens to only be $1.59 (sometimes $1.00 if you can find it at your favorite Dollar Store or Walgreens). I’m so crazy about it I buy it in bulk. Yes, that’s right I’ve got a 2 year supply of lipstick. What, me worry about stocking up on food or other necessities? Nah, give me my Jordana Grape Lipstick or give me death! Come to think of it I should drop a tube inside my earthquake preparedness kit. This color looks good on almost everyone and I usually top it off with some mauve color gloss.

Love it!

I received a happy email yesterday from Overstock.com letting me know their Pavilion White Leather Chair was back in stock. Although it's not the real thing, this is an affordable replica of the iconic and oh so cool Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair. The only problem now is trying to convince the husband that we do indeed need another chair, even though our little home can barely fit the ones we have...

Words to Live By

"Good taste and design are by no means dependent upon money." David Hicks, Designer

Photo courtesty of David Hicks Archives

Are You Peddling Beauty Products?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. My skin, unfortunately, is dry (and I mean bone-dry), sensitive and prone to breaking out into hives at a moment’s notice. It doesn’t help that I’m allergic to basically every living creature (plant or animal) on this planet. Oh, did I forget to mention I've always had a bit of eczema? Oh, did also I forget to mention that I developed cystic adult acne in my late twenties? What a fun and sexy time for me!!

As you might guess, trying new skin lotions and potions has been like a hobby, or rather a quest for the Holy Grail or maybe I’m just REALLY susceptible to good marketing. In any case, last year I spent about $800 on the OBAGI system and $200 on a Zeno, and let's just say I don't look like any of the celebrities I was assured used these products. And let’s also just say that a seven step skin care regimen is a bit much, especially in these times of restricted liquids and gels on airplanes.

My Cheaping Mom has found a BRILLIANT dermatologist. She is sssssoooooo cute and has lived in New York and San Francisco and has perfect skin and we LLLLOOOVVVEEE to talk to her. I told her about my OBAGI/ZENO buyer’s remorse and she produced a handy list of drugstore items that she says are just as good as the expensive stuff. My skin looks better than ever using these items in addition to prescription topical medications. I have recreated the list of cleansers, moisturizers and sun blocks for you below.

A few additional side notes from Cutie Dermatologist:
1. If you have acne, especially cystic acne, GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST. None of the promises made on the beautiful packages at spas and department stores will cure your acne. Trust me, I have tried everything AND I work in marketing.
2. Facials are a waste of money (this little tip has saved me LOADS). She says that if a facial makes you feel good and relaxed, that is just fabulous, but it’s not really doing anything for your skin.
3. Microdermabrasion definitely works, but only for a very short period of time, so save up and microderm your brains out right before that next big high-school reunion.


CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin
Irish Spring
Liquid Dial
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
Softsoap Antibacterial

Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture Sensitive Skin
Olay Complete All Day UV Moisture (Oily/Normal)
Olay Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex Fragrance Free (Oily/Normal)

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Dermatone Sunscreen Lotion with Z-Cote

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30
Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (with Helioplex)
SolBar Zinc SPF 38


Aveeno Moisturizing Bar
Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser
Aveeno Ultra-Calming Cleaner
CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin
Jergens Mild Soap
Lever 2000
Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar
Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
Aveeno Skin Brightening Daily Treatment SPF 15
CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (Normal/Dry)
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (Normal/Dry)
Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion SPF 15 (Normal/Mildly Dry)
Neutrogena Intensified Day Moisture SPF 15
Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid (Normal/Dry)
Olay Complete All Day UV Moisture (Normal/Oily)
Olay Complete All Day UV Moisture (Normal/Oily)
Olay Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Vitamin Complex Fragrance Free (Normal/Oily)
Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion SPF 15

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Dermatone Sunscreen Lotion with Z-Cote

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30
Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (with Helioplex)
SolBar Zinc SPF 38


Caress Moisturizing Bar
CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Dove Beauty Bar
Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser
Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser
Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wash
Olay Moisturizing Bar for Dry Skin

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 (Dry/Normal)
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (Dry/Normal)
Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion SPF 15 (Mildly Dry/Normal)
Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream (Very Dry)
Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid (Dry/Normal)
Olay Regenerist
Purpose Redness Reducing Moisturizer with SPF 30
Vanicream Lite Lotion
Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream (Very Dry)

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Dermatone Sunscreen Lotion with Z-Cote

Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 45
Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion SPF 30
Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 (with Helioplex)
SolBar Zinc SPF 38

What's Not To Love?



On Sale.

Let's all take a little style inspiration from Russell Crowe.

April Showers Bring…New Coats

The rainy spring season is the perfect time to start thinking about a classic staple for your wardrobe – the Trench Coat. We adore Tim Gunn and in his book A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style and he lists the trench coat as one of top ten staples to have in your wardrobe. This got me thinking about our latest trench coat purchases. We were in Phoenix a month or so ago celebrating our Cheaping Grandma's birthday when we came upon a trench I had been dreaming of since Ali Larter wore it on an episode of Heroes. It has ¾ length sleeves with a pleated back. There were black and white versions of it at Wilson’s Leather (of all the random places to find a non-leather trench coat…) for $99 so of course, we all got one. Then, the next day at a local Ross we found this darling white version with yellow piping for just $19.99 and an amazing Michael Kors yellow trench for $99. OK, yes, we may have a developed a bit of a trench coat "problem," but hey, when you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll.

Although a trench is a staple, that is not a reason to pay a lot for it. As Tim Gunn says, "although Burberry still rides high in the trench world, there is no reason to feel that you must spend $1200 just to get that plaid lining. Everybody now does something trench-ish, from Prada to H&M."

Here are a few other options I've found for you to add a trench to your wardrobe at an affordable price. Just remember that the most important thing is that it fits properly. As Tim says, "even the world's most expensive plaid will be cold comfort if you look like your coat is swallowing you alive." So true.

3 amazing options from Target:

Classic trench by Isaac Mizrahi

Lovely, lovely white laser cut trench perfect for Sunday brunch in the park... and let's face it, everyone needs a white trench coat

Black trench with super cute bubble hem

A fun take on the classic trench from Forever 21. The checker plaid and cuffed sleeves give it an edge

This lovely trench is from Victorias Secret - ¾ sleeves. A-line shape with cute cute cute pleating (I may have a slight obsession with pleating)

Overstock has some a lot of options for whatever style of trench you're looking for. This is a Michael Kors trench that is available in this great blue color, because who says you have to stick to the basic colors?

Even Hollywood Loves to Cheap!

Rachel Bilson (formerly of The OC fame, a show with which one of us had a small addiction to at one point, but let's not get into that right now...) was out shopping this week wearing a fun dress, perfect for summer weather. And imagine our delight when we realized this trendy starlet was wearing a dress from Target! The Jovovich-Hawk Arabesque Halter Dress is is on sale online and while we're not sure if it's in stock in stores, this just may merit a trip down to our local Target to check it out.

Knock Knock?

Who's There? A Deal!

One of our favorite online retailers, Knock Knock, is having a Spring Sale. Now through April 21, if you enter "Spring Fling 2008" in the special offer box at checkout, you'll receive 15% off all orders $50 or more. We love the notepads that help us keep our schedules in order, the sticky pads that teach us words like "Big Ups," and the Dial-A-Diet wheel that will help us discover our true path to weight-loss. Plus, right now all of their cards are on sale. Check it out, we know you'll have a hard time deciding what NOT to buy.

Happy Birthday Mom!

We want to wish our Mom, the original Cheaping Girl, a very Happy Birthday!

You're still too young to get us a discount on Tuesday's at Ross Dress for Less, but we love you anyway. We hope you have a day full of surprises and a year of great deals!

Love, Your Girls

Classic Lip Liner for $0.99!

My favorite lip liner of all time is from Wet-N-Wild. It is number 666 - Brandy Wine. It looks great on its own or as a base for many many different colored lip glosses, it is available at any grocery store or drug store, and best of all, it is usually priced at just 99 cents!!

I know what you might be thinking, the number 666 is a bit oogy. But just think about it one of three ways - 1. If you spin the pencil around, it's really number 999. 2. It's fun to be a bit wicked sometimes. 3. When a lip gloss looks this good for less than a buck, who cares?

Cheaping Girls Shopping Tip #1

This weekend we decided to pop into Kohl’s (not a regular stop for us) to check out the latest from Simply Vera by Vera Wang. I found this lovely blue brushstroke pleated dress that had been marked down from $78 to $48.60. However, when trying it on I noticed on the inside lapel there was a small stain that looked questionable (actually, it looked kind of oogy), but since it was on the inside of the dress and it was the only one they had in my size, I decided to overlook said oogy stain, buy the dress, take it straight to the dry cleaners and never speak of it again. I showed the stain to the attendant at the cash register and she gave me an extra 15% off! The moral of the story is: Always point out flaws in the garments and ask for a discount, even if you only get a few bucks off, hey, you still saved some money!

*Depending on the severity of the flaw. Giant gaping holes might not be fixable. Also, we don't advocate putting oogy stains on clothing in the fitting rooms and then asking for a discount because that's just plain wrong.


Check out these new funky tins available at Ikea. They would be perfect holding paperclips and other little goodies in an office or buttons and ribbon scraps in a craft room or...I don't know, but I may have to pick them up and find a use for them later!

Cute New George Sweaters at Wal-Mart

While shopping for TheraFlu and yogurt and whatnot we happened upon some CA-UTE new sweaters from the George line at Wal-Mart. The sweaters have 3/4-length sleeves and are made from lightweight fabric. Perfect to throw over a sweet summer sundress. There are 5 button (available on Wal-Mart's website) and 1 button versions. The one button versions aren't posted on walmart.com yet.
Five Button Cardigan - $16.82

One Button Shrug - $12.82

3/4 Sleeve 1-Button Cardigan - $12.82

Help Stop Puppy Mills!

As you know from previous posts, The Cheaping Girls pretty much do what Oprah tells us. AND The Cheaping Girls LOVE LOVE LOVE dogs. I am so excited because Oprah did a show on puppy mills today. AND she said that she will only adopt dogs from shelters or rescues in the future. THANK YOU OPRAH!!!

The biggest impact that we can make as consumers is to reduce our eliminate our demand for dogs sourced from puppy mills. If you are considering a dog for you or your family please join the fight against puppy mills by following these rules:

  1. Consider adoption. If you're looking to make a dog part of your family, check your local shelters first. Not only will you be saving a life, but you will ensure that your money is not going to support a puppy mill. There are many dogs waiting for homes in shelters all across the country—and an estimated one in four is a purebred! Your second option is breed rescue. If your heart is set on a specific breed you haven't been able to find in a shelter, you can do an Internet search for a breed-specific rescue organization in your area.
  2. Do your homework before buying from a pet store. The puppy that charmed you through the pet shop window may have come from a large-scale, substandard commercial breeding facility, commonly known as a puppy mill. In these facilities, parent dogs are caged and bred as often as possible and give birth to puppies who could have costly medical problems you might not become aware of until after you bring your new pet home.
  3. Internet buyers, beware. Buying a puppy from the Internet could be risky. If you buy a puppy based on a picture and a phone call, you have no way of seeing the puppy's breeding premises or meeting his parents. And those who sell animals on the Internet are not held to the Animal Welfare Act regulations—and so are not inspected by the USDA. If you fall in love with a puppy over the Internet, make a visit to the breeder in person and follow the guidelines for how to recognize a responsible breeder.
  4. Know how to recognize a responsible breeder. If you've exhausted your options for adopting and are choosing to buy from a breeder, remember that responsible breeders have their dogs' interests in mind. They are not simply interested in making a sale, but in placing their pups in good homes. A responsible breeder should screen you as thoroughly as you screen them. Learn how to find a good breeder.
  5. See where your puppy was born and bred. One sign that you are speaking to an unscrupulous breeder is that they will not let you see the facility in which your puppy was born. Always ask to see the breeding premises and to meet both parents—or at least the mother—of the puppy you want to take home. Ask to see the area where the mother dog actually lives and breeds. You should also ask for an adoption contract that explains, in terms you understand, the breeder's responsibilities, health guarantee and return policy.
  6. Get an animal locally. Local shelters, rescue groups and breeders should be your first resource when looking for a new pet. There's bound to be a loving animal in your area that needs a home.
  7. Share your puppy mill story with the ASPCA. If you have—or think you have—purchased a puppy mill puppy, tell your story. Every bit of evidence gives advocates more power to get legislation passed that will ban puppy mills.
  8. Speak out to your legislator. Inform your state and federal legislators that you are disturbed by the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills and would like to see legislation passed that ensures that all animals bred to be pets are raised in healthy conditions. You can keep up-to-date about current legislation to ban puppy mills by joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade. Visit www.aspca.org for more information.

Click here for additional information on adopting animals and fighting back against puppy mills.

Click here to check out Main Line Animal Rescue, an amazing organization responsible for today's Oprah show, and for rescuing thousands of dogs from puppy mills.

We Heart Our Dad

As you can see from our mission statement, we are dedicated to glamour at a reasonable price (a.k.a. cheap!). We are in constant pursuit to find the coolest stuff for pennies on the dollar, or cheaper.

So what happens when good deals collide with quantity purchases? This scenario, like the aligning of the planets, happens rarely, usually at Las Vegas outlet malls or our absolute favorite (referred to by our significant others as ‘The Dreaded Swap Meet’) -- The Orange County Marketplace (pictured here).

We have found the perfect solution to the problem of having large volumes of purchases weighing us down. We bring a designated “mule”. Now, you are probably thinking of an animal with large ears and a braying voice, capable of carrying a large load without complaint. Close, but no cigar. Although we will not comment on his ears or voice, our mule is affectionately known as “Dad, Hubby, or Mule With Money (MWM)”.

There are only two places Dad really likes to shop at, AA Callister's (a fabulous fabulous Western wear store here in Salt Lake, we must talk about it sometime) and gun stores. Now these are not exactly places we like to spend large quantities of time, if you know what we mean. However, Dad is really an asset to the Cheaping Girls organization and as long as we go to AA Callister’s every once in a while, he swears he is perfectly happy to tag along on our shopping trips and let us do our thing.

Now, if you are lucky girls like we are, and you can find a mule to take shopping with you (preferably a mule with a full money clip), we offer the following guide.

We will usually park the Mule on a bench within 50 feet of where we begin shopping. From time to time we will “dump” our bags with him to watch over and protect, “until death does he part”. Oh yeah, were serious about our stuff. After we travel out of sight of his first bench, the mule will pick up the bags and move to the next bench, at which point the process begins again. He sits, we purchase, we dump, we move on, he picks up our bags and moves to the next bench.
Occasionally one of us, who shall remain anonymous, will find so many good deals that her spending power is quickly dropping to zero. Or as Dad likes to say, she is “temporally financially embarrassed”. She will approach the MWM and the exchange will go something like this.

MWM: “How is the shopping?”

Anonymous: “Good, but I am about all out of money”. This reply is usually accompanied with head bowed, a long face, big sad eyes, and a voice that is deep and pitiful, (Picture Eeyore, in the Winnie the Poo cartoons saying “Thanks for noticing” and you will get the idea of the tone of her voice in this conversation).

MWM: “Here, I’ll give you some money, go have fun”.

Anonymous: (suddenly a new day had dawned), “Thanks, I’ll pay you back!”

MWM: (internal monologue) “yeah, right.”

If it was a lot of money he may get a kiss on the cheek. If he did not seem to be extraordinarily generous, he is just left on his own.

At the end of the shopping session, (not shopping day as this may be only the first of many stops), all the bags would be loaded up by the “mule”, carried to the car, and we would consider this another triumph for the Cheaping Girls!

P.S. If you cannot afford your own Mule, we will be happy to rent ours to you, for a reasonable price. Mule is an easy keeper, needing only an occasional Dr. Pepper to drink along with a comment dropped every now and then containing the following phrase, “We are almost through”. He knows it’s a lie, but it gives him hope and makes him so happy.