I Heart T-Straps

As I was contemplating my current selection of summer shoes, I realized that I really backed myself into a platform-wedge-espadrille corner last year. This year I am rotating in another favorite style: T-Strap flats. I fell in love with this cute patent leather version from Old Navy. The fabric on the bottom is so sweet AND they’ve just been marked down on Old Navy.com! I’ll admit, I had every single color in my cart at one point, but used a remarkable amount of self restraint and just bought the black and white. Aren’t you proud of me?


ambika said...

This is honestly my favorite style. I have the hardest time resisting any type of shoe in a t-strap. I think it's my 1920s fetish.

Kate said...

The price on the Old Navy sandals went up but i found these really cute ones on Amazon: